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E1B1 Launched
Published 28 Oct 2017

As our supporters and friends gathered at the Burgh Halls in Linlithgow to celebrate our 47th Annual Reception and all that God is doing through the ministry of The Heralds Trust we had the joy of launching the new online Each One Bring One platform for churches to do a focussed week of evangelism.

What is E1B1?

Each One Bring One is an evangelistic programme build around meals with an after-dinner speaker which you can attend if you bring a non-Christian friend with you.

Run a course

Running an E1B1 course could not be easier: after a simple introduction you will be given all the online training and resources you will need to run a successful E1B1 in your church.

Each One Bring One runs over six interactive sessions which will help and equip you to Prepare2Share your faith and reach out to those who don’t yet know Jesus.