Emerging Evangelist Institute


A national interactive training initiative to help equip those whom God has called to proclamation evangelism. The EEI training in the UK has birthed similar initiatives elsewhere. Presently training is available in Iceland, Italy, Germany, Russia and Spain.

What is it?

The EEI is an interactive training initiative, designed to help train and equip evangelists early in their call to a ministry of proclamation evangelism.

Whilst there are many areas of gifting and ability that are an effective part of the task of sharing the Good News of Jesus, the EEI is designed specifically to develop and equip those called to proclamation evangelism, the speaking and preaching of the gospel whether from the platform, open air, in schools, after dinner events etc.

The training consists of four separate residential weekends of training, together with additional days, mentoring, and opportunities to participate in evangelistic initiatives.

Who is it for?

Those participating in EEI do so by invitation of the leadership team following completion of an application form. Each participant is expected to be committed to completing all four modules, ideally within the two‐year period.

Applicants should be those who recognise the call of God to the ministry of proclamation evangelism, who are in the early stages of their call, and who are already exercising some form of evangelistic ministry.

What will I learn? The modules

Calling: Being set apart for the task ‐ identifying the gift and call of the evangelist

Culture: How to effectively engage culture with the gospel

Communication: How to articulate and communicate the message

Church: The relationship, and responsibility, of the evangelist to the church


Read more about the Emerging Evangelists' Institute, download an information leaflet [PDF], or download an Application Form [PDF]