Messages of condolence following the passing of Ian Leitch.

Paul Nyquist

Ian Leitch left his mark in the souls of mankind through his passionate preaching of the Gospel of Christ. The line in heaven to welcome him will indeed be long. Cheryl and I offer our deepest condolences to all the family. The world has lost a warrior.

Enkela Mato

I am so thankful to have known Ian when he teached in Albania about 20 years ago.He was a very bright man of God. I want to express my condolences to his family and wish them the blessing hand of our God upon them!

Dr Allan S McKinnon

Our condolences to the family of our departed brother, Ian Leitch. It was always a joy to share a platform with Ian in the days when he accommpanied New Horizon Youth Choir in various events here in Scotland. His presentation of the gospel was always heart-warming for the believer and challenging for those not yet saved. Ian's passion for Jesus and for evangelism will live long in our memories and we are glad it continues in the work of The Heralds Trust. Here's a verse I've heard Ian preach - he believed it for sure. Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this?” John 11.25-26

David Speed

Have just learned of Ian's "promotion to glory" and would add my own thanks for his ministry. Ian came to Islay with the Heralds in the early 1970s to conduct a mission aimed at the young people. This was at the invitation of the island churches and was quite revolutionary for its time and place. I was a very new Church of Scotland minister then (ten days older than Ian!) and it was a great learning experience, in particular working with the Baptist minister. Happy memories.

Paul Greig

Morag, Steve and grandchildren, my deepest condolences in the passing of Ian. While I haven’t seen Ian for over 30 years, I recall his ministry, his personality, his genuineness as if it were yesterday. I heard him speak at Phantom Ranch and in Chicago years ago. I watched the replay of his memorial service. It moved me to tears as I have personally been on a 30+ year hiatus from Church and God. I have chased money and success over these past decades at the expense of any relationship with Christ. I pray that I can change my ways - I have bypassed decades of service. Ian’s steadfastness, as articulated in the Memorial Service, is a legacy I will never forget. Your family should be most proud and grateful for the lifelong example of Ian.

Jim and Georgie Whitlie

Ian Leitch: A Personal Tribute Looking back over the past 65 years, Georgie and I are both so very grateful to God for the influence that Ian Leitch has had on our lives. Around 1956 we were part of the YPM, The Youth Fellowship at Charlotte Chapel Edinburgh. When Ian started to attend YPM he was met with a certain degree of suspicion having come from the local Brethren Meeting. However when a vacancy arose for the position of Vice-President of the YPM, Ian’s name was put forward. But not everyone in YPM was happy with this! Some felt that Ian was still too much of an incomer, and they coerced me to allow my name to go forward - I came in a very distant second! I have often looked back on these days and been surprised at just how much our friendship grew in the years that followed, so much so that in 1964 Ian invited me to be the Best Man at his wedding to Morag. This was a role he reciprocated for me 2 years later when Georgie and I were married. These were exciting days for all of us, as together we began to witness God’s evident blessing on the outreach of the Heralds Gospel Group, and especially as He developed in Ian his obvious gift as an evangelist. Over the years that followed Georgie and I both benefitted richly from Ian’s teaching gift, notably through his excellent New Life Seminars, and perhaps especially from his studies on The Second Coming. It is perhaps worth noting that in his sixties, at an age when most men were retiring, for Ian it was very simply a case of business as usual. In more recent years we were able to enjoy a number of short breaks with with Ian and Morag at Appin and Kentallan, on the west coast of Scotland. But even then it seemed that Ian’s idea of a recreational pursuit was to read more widely and more deeply as he sought to increase his understanding of God’s word, and how he might best apply it in todays world. We have been reminded that Ian had chosen as his life verse the words of Jesus as recorded in John 9:4 “We must work of Him who sent me while it is day…” That was a verse he faithfully applied and put into practice throughout life.. But perhaps you would allow me to suggest that in the later years of his life one of Paul’s great statements would have been equally applicable to Ian. “….. I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me — the task of testifying to the good news of God's grace.” Acts 20:24

Darnell Starks

My condolences and prayers to Ian's family and friends. I am grateful that I had the privilege of meeting Ian when I lived in Scotland. Thank God for his faithful service to the kingdom of God.

Steve Russo

I have mixed emotions hearing the news of Ian graduating to heaven. My heart is sad for his family, but glad he finished the race and heard the words "well done." Ian had an impact on my personal life and ministry. I respected his passion and focus to convey the Gospel - and to equip others to do the same. His humble spirit and encouragement were a huge example to me. His legacy will live on to influence many for God's Kingdom. I'm forever grateful that God allowed us to connect.

Martyn Link

Very sorry to hear of Ian’s passing. Ian’s passion and preaching had a big impact on me as a student in Edinburgh keen to develop and grow as a Christian. I will always be grateful for The Heralds Trust evangelism training weekends in Pitlochry, and the chance to go to America for 8 weeks kids work at Phantom Ranch & Silver Birch Ranch in 1995 (I think!). These were formative years for me and I learnt so much from Ian and the team around him. A lovely gifted man, and a gift to Scotland. I send my love and best wishes to his family. One day we will meet again, where there are no tears or pain, lost in wonder and love at the feet of Jesus!

Andrea Goertz

Morag, Ian is in heaven !!! We have so many happy memories of Ian’s visits to Ontario. Thank you for being the “ woman behind the man” , he has shared our precious Jesus with many . You are a big part of that . We sent you a card and some pictures. Much Love , Anne Nancekievill Sam & Andrea Goertz Paul & Angela Peppiatt


My late husband Ray and I met Ian Leitch in Glasgow in the 1970's when he invited us to come and stay for a weekend at his home in Balerno, Edinburgh a few months later. That first visit was the first of many weekends we spent in Balerno. We became great friends and we learned so much from Ian and Morag Leitch. Ray and I were in a band called Unity and often Ian would come and speak at the end of our concerts. I would watch him cry as people responded to become Christians. He would shed tears of joy at seeing people give their lives to Christ and his tears challenged my heart and my passion for Jesus. We watched Ian and Morag in their own home and the way they brought up their son, Steve, and when we eventually had children of our own, what we had learned from Ian and Morag came back to us. We learned so much from Ian about tithing and living by faith and when we were called by God into full time Christian work and began to live by faith - all the teaching we had received stood us in good stead. We will forever be grateful for Ian and Morag. When we went out in faith and responded to God's call - Ian and Morag supported us in prayer but they also supported us financially. What an amazing gift God gave us when he gave us Ian and Morag as friends at that time of our lives. Thank you Ian for your life. Thank you Morag too for faithfully serving beside him. This world will miss Ian Leitch, but he will be enjoying being in the presence of his precious Saviour - the one he loved with great passion.

David Hunt - IREF(UK)

I was so sorry to hear of Ian's home-call. Our thoughts and prayers are with Morag and the family at this time of sad loss. I will always remember the surprise phone call Ian made to me in 1995 when I was sitting at my desk in the vestry of Hamilton Baptist Church: "David, it's Ian here; how would you like to come to India with me next year?" The rest, as they say, is history. Ian was so kind to me on that first visit to India in 1996, taking me under his wing as an experienced evangelist passing on his wisdom to a complete rookie. We valued his input to our IREF(UK) Trustees meetings for the many years Ian served with us in that capacity. I remember too the New Life seminars he conducted for us in Hamilton Baptist Church and the mission he led there too. Only eternity will reveal just how many lives Ian touched for good during his years spent proclaiming the Good News of Jesus and nurturing believers. "Well done, good and faithful servant!"

Paul Goldie

I remember Ian coming to speak at Wester hailes Baptist church when I was growing up over many years at different events and he always encouraged my mum Irene Goldie who sang a lot at church and he definitely was a big encouragement to me in my Christian faith growing up I remember going to Pitlochry for the Herald trusts training and evangelism weekends in 1999 to encourage young people to use there skills in the church if it wasn't for those weekends I wouldn't have gone on to help with Sunday school or be a part of the youth team or go away to do beach missions in Larne and do summer missions with Bible centred ministries camps in Douglas west and Arbroath for many years. And now in my new church at Holy Trinity Wester Hailes I am still helping with the kids work and youth work as part of the team Ian and Morag both encouraged me lots over the years and I know that Ian will be with my mum Irene Goldie in heaven having a great time my thoughts and prayers are with Morag and all the family at this time.

Nancy Hastings

Thank you for live streaming the funeral service for Ian. It was a delight to be a part of such a beautiful tribute to this dear man. The sentiments shared by all were touching, inspiring and true! This summed up the life of Ian in a God honoring way; giving testimony of a life well lived, a heart fully devoted to God, and a full ministry with untold impact. What a joy it has been to have Ian as a friend and mentor. I treasure our relationship stemming from his love for the Moody Bible Institute and will always remember the privilege I had to present to him the Moody Alumni Association Alumnus of the Year award! My life has been enriched by knowing Ian and challenged by his deep devotion to our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.

Russell and Darla Trebilco

Ian B. will continue to have a special place in our hearts. Knowing that he is no longer on this planet is so hard to comprehend. And yet.... the impact of his love, friendship, prayers continue. He was faithful in countless ways. His love for Jesus, family, friends and strangers was evident. I know we will miss his prayers, his humor, honesty, advice and encouragement. He encouraged us as if we were his children and I am sure everyone who knew him would say the same thing. He had a gift of being present when he spoke to you. He heard you, saw you and listened to you. You could be assured that when he said he would pray - he would. His follow up with those prayer requests crossed the ocean. Ian's life reminds me of the song "Thank You" by Ray Boltz and the phrase, "thank you for giving to the Lord, I am a life that was changed". Ian sacrificed his time and spent countless months away from Morag and Steve and they supported him in the mission of the Lord that he was on. His love for our Lord Jesus came first in everything. Ian's homecoming must have been wondrous and beyond our imagination. To be in the presence of Abba Father and wrapped up in the loving arms of His Father at last is what we all long for. Ian's impact on our lives and each of our children's lives will hopefully be a legacy for our family that we will continue. He dedicated each of our 3 children in our family room with heartfelt words to the Lord on their behalf and commissioned us as parents to raise them in the Lord. He always, always encouraged us in that. He made us feel safe as we shared difficult situations and never made us feel judged or condemned. We always miss him when we are far from him and now we miss him even more knowing we will never hear (on this earth) his booming laugh, spontaneous songs and that twinkle in his eye. We look forward to the reunion that's for sure! Thank you dear friend. Thank you Morag and Steve for sharing him with us and the world. Our friendship with him gave us the gift of friendship and love for you both. We are confident of God's blessings for you in the gift you made of him to all of us. Much love, joy and peace to you all now --- Ian's famous closing of every letter and message.

Elizabeth Averill

Kindness, down to earth, passionate for Jesus and fearless in Him- Ian exuded Jesus! Watching the service this morning was a blessing and an exhortation for me to live committed in every aspect to Jesus. Praying for Morag, family and friends as they walk through this season.

Mrs Ruth Hay

Words can't really fully express just how great this man was, but he was only great because of what God did through him as he lived out his life following in Jesus' example of how the Son of God lived for others, so did Ian.

Elaine Hosie

Thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. Well done Good and Faithful Servant.

Pauline Peill (Scott)

I feel so blessed to have been in touch with Ian since enjoying his contributions as a singer and evangelist with The Heralds at venues in Cumberland (Cumbria, North England) as a teenager in the late 60’s and early 70’s. One of my favourite songs of his was “I don’t know about tomorrow”, but nowadays I often find myself singing “Fill me Jesus” which he would use to appeal to Christians after he had appealed to those who didn’t know Him. But throughout Ian’s life he absolutely fulfilled the words of “No other song have I to sing but Jesus” No other song have I to sing but Jesus, The Son of God who came to seek and save. Who gave Himself for pardon and redemption, When on the cross His life He freely gave. No other song have I to sing but Jesus. No other theme but Christ and Calvary. I every glad refrain I would be telling The wonders of His mighty love for me. The purple robe, the crown of thorns they gave Him, The cross He stained with His own blood so dear, The empty tomb the hope of His returning, Of these I’ll sing to every listening ear.

Peter Tropper

I first met Ian in the 70’s at a Christian camp in Wisconsin called Phantom Ranch. He had an incredible way of communicating the gospel and of course his accent made it extra holy 😊. And as everyone knows he wasn't some pious stuffed shirt spouting rules and regulations for the Christian life, he was real and he was fun. I remember at camp when I was taking a picture of him in a group and he yelled out “your zips down” I panicked and dropped my camera. Of course it was all fun and we laughed, that was Ian. His life of faith moved me to go into ministry. In the 80’s I move to San Francisco to work with Urban Young Life. I was working with some pretty tough kids and got a nice basketball league going. From that we were able to have a youth rally with Ian as the speaker. We had a Christian rapper and the kids were pretty rowdy but when Ian got up to speak the kids listened and heard the Gospel like never before. Afterwards we had refreshments and where many people would be nervous around these kids, Ian was incredibly comfortable mixing it up with them. We are fortunate when people come into our lives and model what it means to live for Christ. Ian was one of those people for me. When I read of his passing, I cried but then again realized how God used Ian to bring so many people to Christ and so many of us closer to Him. Ian’s legacy is Jesus. I pray mine is also. P.S. - Thank you Morag for sharing Ian with us!

Wanda Buch

Dear Morag, Steve and family, I am so saddened to read of Ian’s death. He has been a special friend to our family for many years. We have such warm memories of our lovely dinner in your home on our UK visit. Also hosting Ian in our home when he did a seminar at our Pittsburgh church. Praying for God’s peace and comfort for you. He is now with His Lord! What joy! Love to you, Wanda and family

Emmanuel and Dee Rebba

The entire IREF community mourns the loss of Ian. We are grieving along with Morag and his family. Ian’s ministry in India touched countless lives. His fervor for the Gospel was contagious. He taught the New Life Seminar with conviction, patience and gentleness. IREF was extremely privileged to have such a man of God visit numerous times. No matter the time and no matter the place, Ian was ready to see another soul saved for the Gospel. Through his preaching and teaching, many came to know the truth and reality of Christ Jesus. His kindness and generosity in stepping alongside IREF in its evangelistic work in India is one that leaves an ongoing impact. Ian’s willingness to come to India for the sake of the Gospel is the legacy we will always cherish at IREF. While we are sad of his passing, we rejoice in knowing that he is with OUR Lord and Savior - the One Whom Ian loved and lived for each day.

Peter Grant

One of the most anointed, effective evangelists I have ever known. I started learning from him right after I became a Christian (New Life Seminars); he was one of the main reasons I studied at Moody Bible Institute; after seminary, worked with him and The Heralds in evangelism in the U.K.; learned much from him on prayer, faith, boldness, the Gospel, preaching, etc. He's now with the Lord he preached about so compellingly. Well done, good and faithful servant. My prayers are with Morag, Steve, all the family, Rob & Louise Bell, and all the Heralds.

Tim Innes

I will always have fond memories of Ian leitch. He was a Scottish legend in our home. A faithful evangelist, gospel trailblazer and always making a difference everywhere he went. When I was praying into my own journey of heading to the USA to Study Ian was a real encouragement to me. I remember a ten hour flight from chicago to glasgow where I was blessed to walk on the plane and who was next to me but Ian leitch. Not sure either of us slept much that night but we enjoyed a good banter together. Praying for all of the family. He will be missed by all but his legacy will be felt the world over by the many lives impacted for eternity

Gavin Hunter

Ian’s ministry and life has touched literally thousands of people . I attended the heralds trusts weekends as a young person. The lessons now are still being applied to those I pastor. What strikes me most when I think about Ian was his confidence in the gospel that was unwavering . This is a lesson many of us need to remember! I will be praying for all the Leitch at this time !

Dan & Susan Florian

Morag and family, Susan and I were so sorry to hear about Ian's passing but also excited to know he was now with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am thankful that God used Ian to proclaim the Good News. It was during one of Ian's summer evening meetings in 1985 at Woodland Shores Baptist Church in Bridgman, Michigan that I (Dan) accepted Christ while sitting in the back row listening to his message. I am so thankful!! Our family enjoyed Ian's dinner visits over the years. It was a treat for all of us. The kids still laugh about "how much jam Mr. Leitch put on his bread". 😊 Looking forward to seeing Ian again in Heaven. We will be praying for your family.

Ken & Barbie Noyes

We were PRIVILEDGED Over the years Ian had come to the U.S. to preach at MEF which we had attended for 28 years !!!!!!!! We SO ENJOYED his FRIENDSHIP, sharing special times with him at Jamal's Mt. home with others from the Conference & at Ann Fenske's home. Know Ian was close to Ann & husband. we have SPECIAL MEMORIES of Ian from our interaction with him Colorado Springs & Branson , but know he NOW is rejoicing with our Lord & Savior & so many other saints that he reunited with in Heaven, Jamal, Sharon, Bill Pearce, Paul Ferrin just to name a few. May your hearts be filled with Joy knowing WHERE he IS & that he is FREE from this world's woes as each day seems to be bleaker than the last. We LOVED OUR TIME with him !!!!!!!!! May God BLESS & COMFORT YOU as you go through this loss. Love & Prayers, Ken & Barbie

Adrian Todd

I (Becky) am writing this on behalf of my dad who is frail. 'I am sorry to hear of Ian's death. I remember first hearing the Heralds Trust at Wester Hailes Baptist where we joined as a family in 1972 and continued to value his teaching and passion along with Donald Cormack and others in the Herald Trust. May his life and legacy continue to lead many to saving faith in Christ.'

Harry Sprange

So sorry that I cannot be with you on Wednesday for the celebration of Ian's life and ministry, due to previous church commitments. Ian was the first Scottish evangelist (who were few and far between in those days!) that I met when I moved to Edinburgh in 1974, and I have appreciated the fellowship, inspiration, and occasional opportunity to work with him over the many years since. Praise the Lord we know he is receiving his reward in a better place! My sincere condolences to both his family and all in the Heralds team, with gratitude for his life, and in Christian fellowship, HARRY SPRANGE.

Brian Lowrie

Ian Leitch was my inspiration in getting hooked on evangelism. From his training courses in Glasgow and Pitlochry I developed a biblical model for sharing my faith. I thank God for what he allowed Ian to put into my life and remember him with deep fondness. Praying for Morag, Steve and family. Ian is now promoted to glory! Thank you Lord Jesus!

Douglas & Katie Flett

Having known Ian and Morag as friends since the early 70s we regard Ian as the Evangelist of Scotland. May the Lord give Scotland 1000 like him. Ian leaves a gap in this land. Hopefully, many will stand up and fill it. Ian's final Revelation message is significant for our time. When the wheat and tares come to harvest time, the wheat is distinguishable as it bows its head. The proud, standing tares are evident across Scotland and all nations today.

Jane Miller

So sorry to hear of Ian’s death. Rejoicing that he is now with the Lord. Memories of Ian and the Heralds Trust. Got to know my husband Andrew during Behold the Man. Still refer sometimes to my New Life Seminar notes. Praying for you at this time. Jane Miller

Joan Sharda

Blessings and condolences to Ian’s family and especially to Morag. Such wonderful memories of his ministry at Maranatha Bible and Missionary Conference in Michigan over many summers. I personally cherished his individual sharing of how he faithfully carried out his prayer journal, showing us the timelines and the Lord’s methods of answered prayer in all categories from personal/family to global. Heaven rejoices with his entry into the arms of the Good Shepherd!

Alistair McPherson

Dear Morag, Please accept my heartfelt condolences on Ian's Homegoing. As a new Christian (April 1987), I was invited by Donald Cormack (Ladywell Baptist Church) to hear an evangelist named Ian Leitch speak at "Currubber's Close". That evening, as Ian spoke of the Glory of God in the Person of Jesus Christ, me mentioned attending Moody Bible Institute (MBI). At that point, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart, "One day you will be going to Moody Bible Institute." After a short stint in the film industry, I attended Capernwray Bible School (1988-89, Carnforth), and applied to MBI, graduating in 1994. Being involved in evangelism from the week of my conversion to Christ, I felt a kinship with Ian. I am grateful for Ian's advice to pursue theological education go as far as God leads. To this day, I remain forever grateful to God for Ian and the central truth of Christ in you, taking the heart of God's mission to reach the lost. With a thankful heart, Alistair McPherson PhD candidate Faculty: Adjunct Professor/Online Instructor College of Arts & Sciences | Philosophy Liberty University

jack and mary smith

MORAG, Mary and I were saddened to hear of Ian's passing. We remember when we first saw and met Ian at Fairfield Ave Baptist. He was dressed in shirt with a flair ,purple scarf and signature long hair, in fashion with the times .preaching the word. Then we met you in Edinburgh and stayed with you for a week during our honeymoon, watched Princess Anne get Married on COLOR TV .Mary and she were both born the same day. What fun. you introduced us to Haggis ,fish and chips and to your new son. What great memories. May God be with you as you grieve. With Love Jack and Mary Smith

Jim Martin

Leitch: the real deal.

Norman Ogston

Very sorry to hear of the passng away of evangelist Ian Leitch..His life was an inspiration and challenge to me in my own ministry. In St Paul,s words."He fought a good fight,finished the course and henceforth there is laid up for him a crown of righteousness. He will be sorely missed. Please convey my condolenses to his family. ,

Wayne Sutton

To Morag and the family - may you know the deep and abiding peace and presence of Jesus as you grieve the passing from this life of one of the Lord's great proclaimers of gospel truth. I could never think of Ian except to think of the greatness and glory of the gospel that saved his soul and multitudes through his faithful preaching through the years. We will miss him dearly, but rejoice in knowledge of his abundant welcome into the presence of His Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Doug Scott

Loved hearing you preaching for over 50 years. You always had a real message from God. Well done good and faithful servant.

janice irvin burlingame

we were surprised and saddened ts hear of Ian's passing-especially for his loved ones missing him and grieving the loss of his presence. We rejoice in knowing he is hearing the words "well done good and faithful servant" and in the knowledge and hope that you will see him again.

Laurie Eve Loftin

As a special friend to the Class of 1983 at Moody Bible Institute (Peter Grant's class), I always loved Ian's investment in us. Ian spent a whole week with us for Welcome Week 1982, charging us up for days of hard work and ministry with new students (i.e., rookie Chicagoans). He changed my prayer life radically, and helped me developed habits that have lasted for decades and been passed on to others. Hearing him at Founder's Week several times was always a bonus. Morag and friends, please accept my condolences. I trust God will grant you mercy, peace, and courage for this time of loss.