The Leitch Archive

Honest Questions Deserve Honest Answers

This video series by Ian Leitch covers 6 lessons in apologetics to help all understand better the solid foundations for the Christian faith: Is it reasonable to believe that God exists? Does design demand a designer? Is there evidence that Jesus is the Son of God? Is there evidence that Jesus performed miracles? Is there evidence of the resurrection? Is there evidence for the Christian experience?

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New Life Seminar

This course is an audio recording by Ian Leitch presenting the Heralds Trust New Life Seminar.

This course is Ideal for those who want to get serious with God through studying His Word and growing deeper in their walk with Christ. There is a 50-page manual which accompanies the course. If you would like a copy contact us. If this course is useful to you please consider making a donation to our ongoing work.

Rock Solid

An Introduction to Apologetics by Ian Leitch

Course notes are available for the ‘Rock-Solid Apologetics’ course, click here to download a copy [pdf]. If you find these recordings and notes useful please consider making a donation to our ongoing work. 

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