Prepare 2 Share

Prepare 2 ShareAre you Prepared 2 Share the Gospel?

The Heralds have a great deal of experience in running Personal Evangelism Training for Churches, groups and individuals. The purpose is to reach and engage friends, family and communities with the power of the Gospel.

Our training will help you and your church to be better equipped, encouraged and energised to share your faith more effectively.

The Heralds are delighted to offer this training for personal evangelism in the UK. Our training has been written and developed by experienced evangelist Ian Leitch.

The Prepare 2 Share Evangelism training is offered over three levels:

1. The Message – getting to grips with the Gospel
2. The Messenger –  getting to grips with being a Messenger
3. The Methodology – getting to grips with communicating the Message  

Each level is offered either over 4 evenings for churches or groups to host. Sessions include 21st century context, the commission and methods of evangelism. You will also be given the opportunity to prepare and share your testimony in 3 minutes.

If your church is interested in running Prepare 2 Share training then contact us. We can provide more information or arrange a presentation for your leadership team to consider our course.