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Scotland GO TEAMS

Scotland GO TEAMS

On average, two churches in Scotland close every week because of falling attendance. There are more registered witches than clergy now, our country is known for being one of the worst drug capitals in Europe. Only one to three percent of the population in Scotland knows Christ. Our GO Teams work alongside local churches to offer a range of ministry opportunities throughout Scotland. Team members will reach out to a wide variety of people and settings; schools, work with youth, serve and support vulnerable families, and share their faith with men and women who dont know God, the bible or about the Gospel. We have youth, student and family go teams. Go Team trips are around 10-days. Please email me if your would like to request an application for our Go Teams or Internship programme to rob@theheraldstrust.org

We are currently sending teams to Kampal in Uganda to work with Orphans and Widows. If you wish to enquire about going with the Heralds’ please also write to us by email.


Go Team from South Carolina


All participants must have humility, flexibility, and hearts for God with a willingness to love and serve others! All Go Team members must be in good health; reasonable amounts of walking will be required. Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent.

Hosting arrangements:

Where possible you will stay with Church families

The Heralds Trust are a Scottish ministry dedicated to proclaiming the Good News of the Gospel and to teaching, training and encouraging Christians to be involved in mission.

Team orientation and debriefing:

A team orientation and debriefing meetings will be provided as part of the training. Dates will be provided by the team leaders.

Travel documents:

Passport valid for at least six months after return to United States.


Approximately $2,500 + any passport and immunization expenses


Please email enquiries@theheraldstrust.org for an application.


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