Emerging Evangelist Institute

The Call of the Evangelist

13-18 June
Falkirk Baptist Church
£175 plus scholarships

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The Heralds Trust are pleased to be promoting the Emerging Evangelists’ Institute (EEI) run by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. The training is a two-year programme designed to help equip evangelists in the early days of their call to the ministry of proclaiming the gospel.

The programme consists of a core of four residential training weeks, together with additional days, mentoring and opportunities to participate in practical evangelistic initiatives.

Whilst there are many areas of gifting and ability that are an effective part of the task of sharing the Good News of Jesus, the EEI is designed specifically to develop and equip those called to proclamation evangelism, the speaking and preaching of the gospel whether from the platform, open air, stage, after dinner events, etc.

The EEI is designed to cover four main streams of training which are both theoretical and practical:

  1. The Calling of the Evangelist
    • What is an evangelist?
    • What is meant by evangelism?
    • Identifying the gift and calling of the evangelist
  2. The Context of Evangelism
    • Understanding the culture in which the evangelist works
    • Working in a pluralistic culture
    • Overcoming the barriers that culture raises
  3. The Communication of the Evangelist
    • What is the evangelistic message?
    • How to articulate and communicate the message today
    • Developing the gift of preaching
  4. The Church and the Evangelist
    • The relationship of the Evangelist and the Church
    • Establishing and working with teams
    • The Evangelist and the Changing Church

Recommendations :
Luis Palau, worldwide evangelist – “It is great that the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association who encouraged me and helped me so much to begin my ministry is now encouraging a new wave of British evangelists”

Andy Hawthorne, Chief Executive of The Message – “It confirms my own conviction that bold preaching of the gospel is the key to seeing the nation changed. Any programme like this that encourages and equips young evangelists to preach the message has to be encouraged

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