If you ever needed a reminder that God is at work pop out to your local high street or market place and ask the following question over a free hot drink: “If you could ask God one question and you knew He would answer it, what would you ask Him?”

Our Go Team from South Carolina did that and the results would surprise you. Hundreds of people on the street stood at our table in polite conversations with a hot drink asking about spiritual matters. Over five afternoons we were able to share the gospel with over 200 people. Young and old they kept on coming with searching questions about God.

Our team are trained to win the person to Christ, not try and win the argument. We presented the Good News hundreds of times and gave out 200 personalised copies of the Gospel of John as a gift for seekers to read more about this life adventure with Jesus. We are planning our biggest outreach of street teams next year for the dull duration of the Edinburgh Festival.