Tales from Uganda

‘Oli otya’ (how are you) is the greeting in Uganda. We travelled the 3 hours to get to Semuto. On the way we travelled through the streets of Kampala, which was eye opening to say the least. Road Traffic rules don’t exist here, shop vendors selling at the side of the road, meat, fruit and vegetables.  

Nothing could have prepared us for today, children, with no parents, no bed, and no food. Child after child they dropped onto their knees as they received and item of clothing or food giving thanks for our kindness. 

A level of property that we find hard to grasp and yet the children played and sang to us with great Joy. 

We worked with the construction team digging the foundation for the first children’s home. The work rate from the locals was impressive, even with limited hand tools. 

We returned from visiting a few villages, where we found 6 siblings with no father or mother. Cared for by the grandfather they had no food, no suitable clothing. 

The need is vast; I am numb with the poverty yet we made a BIG impact on the lives we touch today with the love of Christ.

Please continue to pray for us!

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About the author: Rob Bell